Nuwell Accounting

Nuwell Accounting

The Client

Nuwell Accounting is based in the Vaal Triangle but serving clients from all over South Africa. They offer a wide range of value-adding services that enables a business owner to focus on their business. Nuwell Accounting is structured to service small and medium-sized businesses and focused on service excellence.

They embrace technology to increase speed and efficiency of reporting, and had to take the next step in getting their business online.

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The Task

We were tasked to create an online presence that matches the brand identity and to create a feeling of calm & trust when visiting Nuwel’s website. Their website was outdated and built on a drop build service with no functionality to showcase their services in the way a well-established business should be.

There were several things we needed to get done starting with a consistent way to showcase Nuwell, who they are and what they offer. Next, we had to find ways of creating calm & trust on the site, this was done with visual elements and scrolling effects.

WOW this is amazing guys, it might be the best site I have ever seen. I love it and you guys executed exactly what I was looking for

Raynardt Lues

The Result

This was an extremely fun project and the team at Nuwell think outside the box like we at Digital-ID do. The aim was to create a feeling of calm and trust, and we spend 80% of our time on working on visual elements, scrolling effects, section breaks, animations and movement to achieve this.

We are extremely happy with the outcome and we are proud to post Nuwell’s website as a blog for the worlds to see.

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