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Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, What is it?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process in which you optimise your website and the content thereof so it can be easily read by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

This is a vital part to implement into your website from the start, to have the right content, with the right keywords, and technical aspects thereof (the code and speed of your site). As all these factors will have an influence on the Search Engine Results Page.

There’s a lot more to SEO than what we have explained here. Give us a call, and we can set up a meeting to get your Onsite SEO on par!

Why do I need SEO?

We only do onsite SEO, as this will be your foundation to creating a strong website, and online presence. 

As soon as you start marketing your website, may it be on social media, online marketing platforms, or print marketing, people will start to Google your business, and services. If you are not to be found on google because of bad content writing, bad code, or overuse of some element, then you will definitely miss out on a bunch of new leads and sales.

We are experts at this, so go ahead and give us a call today!

Search engine optimisation

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